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Do I Need Color Consulting? How Does it Work?

Step 01 - Discovery Call To Meet Your Strategist

As soon as we receive your interest we book you in for a discovery call with one of our strategists and send out the pre-call form (there are a few questions it will help you to know upfront).

During the call, your strategist will get into the nitty-gritty of your business, your goals and budgets, your target customers and industry. All the kinds of things we need to know to be able to effectively determine the platforms and tools to recommend using in your advertising campaigns.

Step 02 - Your No-Obligation Strategy Report

We then take this information, audit your website, undertake some competitor research and get an overview of the advertising environment you will encounter online.

You then receive a complete advertising strategy for how a business with your goals and budget could proceed to perform well in this online environment and recommendations of optimisations to increase effectiveness over time.

Step 03 - Campaign Build

If you like what we propose and feel that we are the people for you, it is time to sign the contracts and get to work.

We will create all the assets required and then implement them as we build out the structure of your campaigns across all the agreed platforms. We will also implement all the required conversion tracking and build your campaign report, ready for launch.

Step 04 - Refinement and Performance

Now we have to get you from launch to achieving your campaign objectives on a consistent basis. This involves collating and analysing performance data, optimising keywords and target audiences, and testing ad copy variations.

You can expect regular reporting coupled with in-depth observations and strategic recommendations as well as regular contact with your dedicated account manager throughout this period.

Step 05 - On-going Optimisation

Once we have campaigns that are regularly delivering results, we ask “how far can we take this?”.

Testing new channels, new offers, and broadening keywords are amongst a whole host of different strategies that can be employed to drive your campaigns further and boost the growth of your business.

Know Who You Are Dealing With

And What They Will Do…

Having an agency run your campaigns and manage your advertising budget is a big investment of trust. We get this, and its why we go a step further than most. We invest in getting to know your business, your customers and your advertising environment. And then we give you the strategy, upfront, for free, no-obligation.

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